Fall 2023 Interior Design Trend Predictions

Fall 2023 Interior Design Trend Predictions

As real estate agents, we see SO many beautiful houses. 

And we make it a point to always keep an eye out for the trends of tomorrow. Below we’ve listed our top trend predictions that will be seen in interior design this fall. 

Limewash & Plaster 

This trend blends timeless beauty with a modern twist. It instantly adds character to the space with a textured soft organic look. Whether you opt for a subtle, neutral tone or experiment with a bold color, Limewash & Plaster has old-world charm and sleek elegance. 

Organic Tones

As the trends shift towards naturalism, we’re going to see an emphasis on organic tones like warm earthy hues and calming colors that evoke the feeling of being outdoors. If you want to incorporate this trend in your furnishings, decor, or walls think terracotta, olive green, sandy beige, and muted grays.

Bold/Vibrant Tones

If you’ve been toying with the idea of creating a striking style statement, fall 2023 is the time to do it! Vibrant bold jewel tones like rich emerald, deep sapphire blues, and rich royal purple are the perfect way to add energy and vibrance to your home. 

Let us know what you think of these trend predictions!

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