How to Ensure You Are NOT Overpaying for a Home

How to Ensure You Are NOT Overpaying for a Home

Here’s what we're not going to let happen this spring — you overpaying for a new home. 

You’ve come to terms with the higher interest rates and home prices which are completely out of your control. What’s in your control? The price tag you’re willing to pay.

When you find your next home, and you’re ready to put in an offer, we’ll talk about an appraisal contingency. Here’s how works: 

An appraisal contingency allows buyers to back out of a deal or renegotiate the purchase price if the home's appraisal value comes in lower than the purchase price. It’s a simple way to safeguard your hard-earned cash during the buying process — and ensure you're not overpaying.

If you’re thinking of buying but don’t want to get in over your head, don’t worry. We’ll do everything in our power not to let that happen.

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