Pricing it too high: What could go wrong?

Pricing it too high: What could go wrong?

Far too often, even as recently as this month, we've noticed sellers making this costly mistake. Against our gentle encouragement, they price their home too high just to "see what happens." And almost always, we can tell you exactly what happens from there. (And it isn’t happily ever after).

Hear me on this.

When your home is overpriced, it sits on the market much longer than necessary. Buyers get deterred, assuming something is wrong with the house or that the sellers aren’t serious about selling.

After weeks with hardly any traffic, the inevitable price drop happens.

But by then, the excitement has worn off, and your home gets passed by, so it keeps on sitting, soaking, and souring. 

Not exactly the outcome anyone wants when selling their home.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

By finding an agent who knows your neighborhood and taking to heart their CMA-backed pricing recommendation, you’ll watch your home and its next owner drive off into the sunset arm in arm. 

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