Summer Home Decor Inspiration

Summer Home Decor Inspiration

Today, we wanted to share how you can capture that ~summer feeling~ in your home with a few of our favorite design tips!

From vibrant colors to natural elements, let's dive into some exciting home decor ideas that will have you embracing the summer spirit.

Embrace Bright and Airy Colors: Swap out heavy winter tones with light and breezy hues. Think crisp whites, pastel shades, and pops of vibrant colors like citrusy yellows or ocean blues. These colors will instantly evoke a sense of summer freshness. 

Bring the Outdoors In: Incorporate natural elements to infuse your home with the beauty of the season. You can achieve this on your dining table with fresh summer blooms, woven placemats, and a linen tablecloth to bring the feel of nature inside.

Lighten Up with Sheer Curtains: Swap your heavy drapes for sheer curtains to allow natural light to flood in. This will create an airy and ethereal atmosphere while keeping your space cool during those hot summer days.

Outdoor Entertaining: Don't forget to spruce up your outdoor spaces! Create a cozy lounge area on your patio or balcony with comfy seating, fun drinkware, and string lights. It's the perfect way to enjoy warm summer nights with family and friends.

Now it's time to put these ideas into action and transform your home into a summer haven! 

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