When to Walk Away After a Home Inspection

When to Walk Away After a Home Inspection

The home inspection should be a total non-negotiable for buyers.

Why? Because if anything is found, you are free to back out of the contract - no strings attached.

The only caveat is if a seller demands you waive the inspection as a condition of accepting your offer. But as the market tilts ever-so-slightly away from sellers this fall, I’ve got my fingers crossed that all this contingency waiving is largely a thing of the past. 

Keep in mind that an inspection contingency comes with a deadline of seven to ten days, so you need to be ready to make some quick decisions once you receive the inspection report. Red flags that should give you pause include:

- Foundation issues

- Termites

- Water damage

- Roof concerns

When it comes to a less-than-stellar inspection, you must weigh how much risk, investment, and seller negotiation you’re comfortable with for a house you love. 

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